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Sa., 07. Mai



Neon Paradise

Neon Paradise
Neon Paradise

Ort & Zeit:

07. Mai 2022, 22:00

Köln, Luxemburger Str. 32, 50674 Köln, Deutschland


22 Uhr

Blue Shell Party:

Aufgrund einer Erkrankung muss Neoslave  seine Show für Samstag leider Absagen. 

So kurzfristig ist es leider ich nicht mehr möglich  einen adäquaten Ersatz zu finden, Party gibt es aber trotzdem.

Hier  gibt es noch ein Statement von Neoslave:

It’s with a sad heart that I have to  cancel my appearance at Neon Paradise this Saturday. I have been struggling with  severe tinnitus since last november and was hoping it had improved enough to be  able to play live again. But it has not. I have 2 high pitched sounds in my left  ear, 2 sounds right and a pulsating hiss in the middle of my head. I apologise  for not being able to make it and hope to see you soon. x  NS




Ben Cool

Nora Malloy

VJ: Lazer Paul

Synthwave/Darksynth/Cyberpunk All Night Long!

Sounds like:

Carpenter Brut/Perturbator/Lazerhawk, The Midnight/Waveshaper/Dance with the Dead/Le Matos/Deadlife/Wice, Daniel Deluxe/Electric Youth/Street Cleaner usw.

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Eintritt: 8.- €


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