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Sa., 16. Apr.



Fornbdom (SWE) / The Devil's Gate (HUN) / Lili Refrain (IT) (Verlegt vom Subway)

Fornbdom (SWE) / The Devil's Gate (HUN) / Lili Refrain (IT) (Verlegt vom Subway)
Fornbdom (SWE) / The Devil's Gate (HUN) / Lili Refrain (IT) (Verlegt vom Subway)

Ort & Zeit:

16. Apr. 2022, 19:15

Köln, Luxemburger Str. 32, 50674 Köln, Deutschland


Einlass 19:15 

Beginn: 19:45


The culture, traditions, history and melancholic landscapes of the rural parts of central Sweden is the main elements within the musical universe of Forndom. As nearly three years has passed since the critically acclaimed release of ’Dauðra Dura’, Forndom is about to return with the upcoming album ’Faþir’. Through the sounds of classical instruments and ambient choirs, L. Swärd takes us back on a musical journey to times and traditions of old. The melancholic expression and use of traditional instruments and chants, brings the listener back to the origins of the old Scandinavian philosophy and religion; A time when man lived side by side with death and the rhythm of nature.




The Devil's trade is a one man gang chained to some burden that he pulls through his ways leaving tracks behind to lead or guide mostly him which directions not to and which to go again. The legs are old wounded up to the knees as the tracks are that deep and filled with sticks and stones but strict marks that lead him where he wants to arrive. His music is the dust he shakes during this pilgrimage of his.

No one here (live):


Lili Refrain is a guitarist, composer and performer based in Rome-Italy. Since 2007, she has a solo project in which she uses electric guitar, vocals and loops in real time, without using any computer or pre-recorded tracks. Her songs are created by overlapping sounds that combine minimalist repetition to folk, psychedelia, blues, rock, metal, lyrical opera and guitar virtuosity. She also includes the use of percussions and synth which enrich her arrangements by meeting an experience increasingly focused on rituality. Her masterful technique and her refined taste, lead the listener through the maze of an unforgettable act beyond the boundaries of any genre.

Terra 2.0:

🎟 Tickets: 17,00 € (zzgl. Gebühr) via Eventbrite

Abendkasse: 23,00 € (nur falls Restkarten verfügbar sind!)


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