„I’m of the opinion that as a DJ you must always play what you love and ignore what's 'trendy' because true passion always eclipses what's fashionable. Quality is always fashionable.“

[Boy George]


Caroline Crystalline kennt alles, was ihr einst kanntet, liebtet und dann wieder vergessen habt. Das Blumenmädchen und 90er-Kind bedient sich hierbei aus 6 verschiedenen Jahrzehnten.
Ein blumiges Bouquet, querbeet durch die Swinging Sixties, umrankt von halb vergessenen Lieblingsliedern und spritzigen Indie-/ Alternative-Sounds.


Mixties' All-Time-Favourties:

  1. Who Killed Bruce Lee - Gypsy King
  2. Pokey LaFarge - Something In The Water
  3. Monophonics - Bang Bang
  4. The Rolling Stones - Can't You Hear Me Knockin'
  5. Dion - Runaround Sue

Something To Think About....

1. Why does it always rain on me?
2. Where is my mind?
3. How soon is now?
4. Is this the real life? Is this just fantasy?
5. Should I stay, or should I go?
6. Am I just paranoid? Am I just stoned?
7. Where were you while we were getting high?